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Life, Our Thoughts, Our Power

Here are some thoughts I would like to share, I’ll start with the present moment, when someone is present it means that they are one hundred percent in the now, they aren’t thinking about anything, not focused on the future or the past. They aren’t worried about what their doing tomorrow or something they could’ve done yesterday but didn’t. Look at it this way, what actually ever exists? There is the past the future and the now. The past is nothing but a memory, and the future is nothing but a dream. Neither of those things exist, you can’t go back and change the past and you can’t live in the future, there’s no way to be sure that we will be alive 10 years from now or ten seconds from now. That being said, what is left? The now, the present moment. The significance of this is amazing for many reasons. Most people live their lives in the future and in the past, they go about their day constantly thinking, thinking about what the weather is like, hoping it isn’t this or isn’t that, wondering what to do with their life, etc. They may only enter the present moment rarely and briefly. The present moment is this, it’s complete silence of the mind, a focus on what’s happening around the person, its much more than that it’s being aware of everything, how your clothes feel on your body, the sound and feel of your breath as air moves through your lungs, the subtle aromas in the environment around you, the feel of your phone in your hands or whatever you may be touching, the sound of your feet as they walk the earth etc. These senses, that awareness grows the more you are in the moment, but that starts with silence in your mind. Think about jumping off of a cliff into water, you stand at the top hesitating, a million things racing through your mind, you finally jump and there you are suspended in mid air. While you are falling I guarantee you are not thinking about anything, for that brief moment in time you are completely present. Then you hear the wind rush past your ears and splash, you’re in the water. To silence your mind you first have to get rid of the “monkey chatter”, the monkey chatter are the random ass thoughts that pop into your head constantly, most of the time you will be thinking of something and won’t even realize it. Start by acknowledging that you are thinking, and then try to focus on the space between your words. Purposely stop thinking. It will seem absolutely impossible at first but a great way to exercise this is to count your breath, lets each inhale is an odd and each exhale is even. So it would be one-inhale two-exhale and so on, count your breath while focusing on the air entering and exiting your lungs. You will probably only get to 5 or 6 breaths and then you will lose count because your “monkey chatter” started up again. Lets say you realize you forgot on an exhale at around 5 breaths, go to 3 and start again. Once you reach 100 without loosing count you will have a slight idea of what not thinking is like. By doing this and not thinking, you are consciously putting yourself into the present moment. When you have the ability to be present for hours on end, that is when you will see how amazing it truly is. If you are able to silence your mind, you can then direct it to focus on everything around you, and by doing this you become completely present, you are truly living. Here is an example, two bikers are on a road trip, one is present, in the now, and one is average, controlled by his monkey chatter. The present biker is driving down the road listening to everything, he feels the engine of the bike, hears the rumble, he is aware of the sound of the tires on the pavement, how the bike feels as he shifts his weight and turns, etc. Biker two is riding his bike, the sound of the engine numbs his mind and he begins losing himself in thought, he is riding down the road but he is only partially aware. A deer is on the side of the road, biker one notices the deer because he is aware, the deer jumps out and the biker is able to maneuver around it, biker two does not noticed the deer because he is mindlessly driving along, the deer jumps out and scares the crap out of him, he snaps back to reality and for that brief moment in time he is in the now, he reacts and avoids the deer. He was forced into not thinking because it was either he pay attention completely for that split second to react, or crash and die in lala land. This is where intuition comes in. Your intuition is your gut feeling, that feeling you get when you know if you make a certain choice something bad is going to happen. It’s that random time when you pull out your phone right as someone calls you, intuition governs those things. Lets say you are driving down a road, you can go either left or right, your monkey chatter is telling you go right but your intuition is saying go left because you have a bad feeling about going right. You decide to take what happens to be the longer route to your destination, but the way that felt right. Had you ignored your gut feeling, you could’ve witnessed or been in a car accident, hence why your intuition led you the other way even though it wasn’t the logical choice. So now you can put these things together, and this is the beginning of what I think is enlightenment. The thing about our thoughts or “monkey chatter” is that it is usually negative, people often worry about random things for no reason at all. They could be driving and worrying about getting in an accident the whole time, suddenly they are on a street where they could go left or right, their intuition is saying go left it’s the safe route. But they don’t hear that because they are too busy worrying about crashing, so they notice a bad feeling about going right, suddenly their “monkey chatter” turns on and the thought pops into their head that the other way is much longer, so take the shorter route because they are less likely to crash. So they take that right turn, ignoring their gut feeling, their intuition, and end up crashing anyways. The thing with our thoughts is that it’s almost like an enemy, a perfect example is when someone writes a multiple choice exam and intuitively circles the right answer but ends up over thinking it and crosses it out and gets it wrong. So take being completely present and put intuition along side with it, you have the perfect recipe for happiness, bliss, enlightenment. Your intuition will never lead you in the wrong direction, it will never make you think you’re ugly, fat, stupid, etc like your thoughts will. It’s like being in a relationship that isn’t working, intuitively you know that it’s time to move on weather you like it or not, you know there is nothing you can do to fix it no matter how hard you tried. Instead of accepting that, your mind makes you think of all these reasons not to move on, going against your best interest. It puts all these memories of the great times you had in the past into your head and makes you think they can come back, it makes you focus on the future thinking it could get better. The same goes for the opposite, deep down you know you want to be with someone, and your thoughts keep you from them by giving you 101 reasons not to be with said person, but where is the reality in that situation? It’s not there, it’s hidden by your thoughts. Another example is someone walking down a hallway in school, they see a group look their way and laugh, immediately your mind thinks “oh, they’re laughing at me” or something negative along those lines. I’m sure some of you can relate to this feeling or think to a similar situation where what you thought was the case actually happened to  something completely different. Humans tend to assume the worst, how often is something really as bad as you think it is? And in the end was it really that bad at all? So constantly throughout the day our minds create these thoughts that make us worry, fear, hate etc. Someone doesn’t reply to a text and we think they are ignoring us, when they could be too busy to reply. You see what I’m getting at here? Now take away these thoughts and what are you left with, your heart guiding you (intuition) and the present moment, as exciting as jumping off a cliff into water. This is where that happiness comes from, it’s like watching a movie you never want to end except the movie is your life and all you ever have to do is follow your heart, accept things as they are, and be present. And that is where the third thing comes into play, and that is that everything happens for a reason. So accepting that everything happens for a reason what could ever go wrong? If you are doing what you truly want to do and what feels good, (being true to yourself), and being present how can you not be happy, you are no longer creating negativity because you aren’t listening to your mind which will go great lengths to bring you down. If you get into an accident what makes it a bad thing? Your thoughts and your mind.. that accident may have saved your life because it taught you a lesson, you drive slower because of it and instead of speeding and dying, you live because you learnt your lesson. Which leads to another thing, in the present moment, every moment of every day there is something there you can learn from that will make you grow as a person. Finally, that leads me to this, some or many of you know about or have heard about the law of attraction, it’s the idea that our thoughts create our reality. Keeping that in mind go back and read what I wrote and you may begin to see the pieces coming together.. if your mind is silent that means you are now in control of your thoughts, so what happens if you start thinking about positive things? Based on the law of attraction it will start bringing positivity into your life. I’m sure all of you have had those days where either you’ve been in a great mood and seemingly out of nowhere things just keep happening to promote your happiness. Same goes for having a bad day, you get upset and your mind keeps giving you more reasons to be upset and suddenly things around you begin promoting your negativity. This proves my point, I urge you to focus on something positive to bring into your life, a realistic situation, put all of your focus towards making it happen, weather it be getting food for free, a small gift from someone, etc. It will happen eventually, it could be in a day, a week, the idea is to focus on what your heart truly wants. Everything will fall into place.


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